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The Art Deco House
Fans visit the Deco House


The Art Deco House & Compound ... For Sale?

News/May 2011


22.5 acre estate in Malibu Canyon.
Pool, tennis court and running brook.
Includes '30s style home, barn, production studio, more.

Secluded meadow great for karaoke night.
Vintage '80s hot tub perfect for splish-splashing.

Also available: Color coordinated furniture (will negotiate).

Needs TLC.


Public Pleads: "Don't Sell Ramirez Canyon Park"

July 17, 2012 (EDITORIAL)
While plans by the State of California to sell Ramirez Canyon Park are still very much alive, advocates have begun a campaign to save it.

"The Friends of Ramirez Canyon Park" has uploaded an informational video about the property. They go to great lengths in explaining why the state should not sell this vital public facility.

Watch the video here

Amy Lethbridge, Deputy Executive Officer at the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority speaks on behalf of the group:

"Ramirez Canyon Park is this beautiful, special place. It's an oasis. It's safe, it's got both this lovely example of natural Santa Monica Mountains; it's also got some developed areas, so the folks we bring here, seniors, the disabled, at-risk youth can have all kinds of programming in a really safe and protective way ... Ramirez Canyon is at risk ... it is slated for sale, which is just devastating."

Barbra Streisand donated the the 22-acre property to the State of California back in 1993. A key argument against selling the park, as Lethbridge explains, centers around future philanthropic gifts:

"I don't know how we could sell a park. I certainly don't know why we would want to sell things that are donated. How does that impact future donations and all the other wonderful things that have been donated over the years."

For now, Ramirez Canyon Park remains in the hands of the residents of California despite efforts by local homeowners to ban general access. As a good-faith concession, public tours of the property have ended. The park only host programs for seniors, the disabled and certain youth groups in a way that does not impact the safety and quality of life of the surrounding residential community.

Sounds like a good compromise.



Barbra Takes Sides in Ramirez Canyon Controversy

May 28, 2011 (UPDATE)
Barbra Streisand sided with residents of Malibu's Ramirez Canyon, offering her opinion on the hot button issue of the state's desire to sell her former 22.5 acre estate. According to The Malibu Times, Barbra said,

"While I had hoped that the Ramirez Canyon property I donated to the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy would have been used for a state-of-the-art Environmental Conference and Study Center as was originally intended, I understand Governor Brown's tough decision given the severe budget shortfalls that California is facing.

I only hope that there is little disruption to the residents of Ramirez Canyon through this potential transition and that whatever entity does purchase the land and the homes on it will preserve its special habitat."



Who Will Buy?

May 19, 2011

If California Governor Jerry Brown gets his way, you may soon be able to own Barbra's former Ramirez Canyon compound in Malibu, which includes her once fabled Art Deco House and four other residences. With the California economy is such dire straights, Governor Brown thinks that now is the time to unload the estate. According to a recent press release issued by the state, "these properties serve no state function and should be sold off to pay debt."

Barbra Streisand donated the property to the State of California's Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy back in 1993. Since then, visitors to the property report that it has fallen into disrepair. With significant overhead needed for upkeep, the estate has become something of a albatross around the necks of state and local officials, not to mention taxpayers.

Fans visit the Deco House in 1997

Debates on how best to use the facility for revenue generating purposes have gone on for nearly twenty years. Local residents have consistently opposed various plans (such as regularly scheduled tours, weddings, etc.) that would bring unwanted traffic and noise into their secluded enclave.

Officials at the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy are maintaining a more optimistic outlook for the future of the property. A May 19 article in "The Malibu Surfside News" contains a response from the chairman of the Conservancy: "I recognize the difficult fiscal situation the state of California faces. When all the facts are known, I think it is likely that the state will reconsider the proposal to sell off Ramirez Canyon Park to pay down the debt."

In 1997, the Conservancy granted 200 Streisand fans (attending the Los Angeles Reunion) unprecedented access to the property and its houses.