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Roslyn Kind, Barbra Streisand's younger sister, has been in show business for decades. She's appeared in motion pictures, on Broadway, and even had her own shots on The Ed Sullivan Show and Saturday Night Live. These days, Roz can be seen performing in concert.


... And Barbra's Kid Sister

March 1, 2006
During one of her shows a number of years ago, Roslyn Kind told her audience about the time she and her sister, Barbra Streisand, took a walk through Brooklyn's Prospect Park when they were kids. A bird that was flying overhead decided to make an unscheduled deposit, smack-dab on Barbra's shoulder. The rest, as Roz recalled, is history.

Roslyn KindRoslyn Kind and Barbra Streisand both inherited their vocal gifts from their mother, Diana Streisand Kind. Roslyn, though never achieving the same level of professional notoriety as her sister, is an accomplished vocalist in her own right. And just last month, she co-headlined with Michael Feinstein at New York's Carnegie Hall.

Roslyn has appeared on several television shows (playing herself on an episode of The Nanny was one of her more memorable). She also performed on two variety shows of note. In 1969, Roz made the first of three appearances on The Ed Sullivan Show. And in 1977, she was the musical guest on Saturday Night Live (right). The host that evening was her brother-in-law, Elliott Gould, who introduced her as "my son Jason's aunt, Rozzie Kind."

Roz also appeared on Broadway in "3 From Brooklyn" (1992) and off-Broadway in "Show Me Where The Good Times Are" (1993). Roslyn even released a few albums of her own, and another is due to be released soon called "The Promise of Time." Listening to Roslyn sing, you'll notice the family's vocal trademark.

Since Roslyn Kind performs in various cities around the country from time to time, be sure to stay abreast of your local arts and leisure section.

Roslyn Kind Plays Carnegie Hall

February 15, 2006
In an impressive career milestone, Roslyn Kind made her debut at New York's Carnegie Hall on February 15, 2006. The evening was called
Standard Time With Michael Feinstein - Ladies of the Chorus: A Salute to Women Songwriters.

Roslyn KindTaking the stage in a stunning velvet gown with floral patterns, Roz performed several numbers in a set that lasted about 35 minutes. Among the songs she chose were Hey, Look Me Over (from the Broadway show, "Wildcat"), Show Me Where the Good Times Are (from her 1993 off-Broadway show of the same name), Perfect (from her album, "Come What May"), and a medley from Peter Pan (incidentally, Roz first portrayed the role of Peter Pan in her third grade production).

Although comparisons are inevitable (and similarities do indeed exist), it is safe to say that Roslyn Kind has a singing style somewhat different than that her sister. At Carnegie Hall, Roz sang in a lower register, while apologizing for hoarseness. Her vocals seemed to be in wonderful form nonetheless. Roz's banter with the audience was playful, comedic, and delivered with ease. A family trait to be sure.

Roz made no mention of her sister, but was enthusiastically cheered on, throughout the evening, by Jason Gould. He was there at Carnegie Hall to support his aunt during what was surely a major highlight of her career.